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We help your website to perform better in terms of business and conversion rate. We do digital analytics and online digital marketing such as remarketing and retargeting.

Our ultimate goal is your success. We develop an integrated digital marketing strategy that is specifically customized to fit your business, to help you sell your products and services on your website, to enhance Website Conversion Performance and Optimization. We offer full service online & digital marketing services that cover the following areas:


SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are the two most widely used digital marketing tools that are both affordable and effective. Implemented correctly, SEO, PPC, remarketing and SEM retargeting can bring massive potential customers to you in a short period of time. Most people tend to type in keywords in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to find information on internet. A solid SEO and SEM strategy and implementation make sure your website(s) appear in the top rankings of the search results displayed. To do that, we need to optimize the contents of your website website to improve visibility of your websites online presence.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of SEM and can quickly generate leads online. You only need to pay for the clicks that users made on your ad shown in the search engine result page. The price ranges from a couple of cents to close to one dollar per click. You can place your ads with major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing or other influential portal websites.

Please note one ad that works well with one search engine doesnt mean it works fine with another. Necessary research and analysis should be done to decide if a PPC campaign is the right solution for you on a certainwebsite. Finding the best keywords or phrases is also essential to make sure your ad will appear on the search result page that you intend the ad for.

The way PPC campaigns work enable you to promote your websites much faster and generate significant traffic to your website in a shorter time.

Keyword research, landing page design, page content optimization and conversion analysis are all important parts of the entire PPC campaign that produces satisfied results to justify your investments.

Usually PPC campaigns are launched in conjunction with continuous SEO efforts to bring in the best and lasting results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential in todays internet and digital environment. It creates a community online around your websites and builds loyalty and interest among your readership. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Blogs are a couple of popular social media marketing platforms. Timely updating of the post contents and regularly engaging with your target customer base are simple methods that could keep your online community live, fresh and growing.

Furthermore, a healthy social media marketing campaign can enhance the ranking in the search engine result page tremendously.

We are experienced in planning and executing social media marketing campaigns to encourage discussion, to initiate dialogue, to generate interest about your websites. In short, more and more people are on the social media, and you need to be where your potential customers are!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the digital marketing that is done on a mobile or wireless device, such as a cell phone or tablets. It includes mobile contents, mobile advertising and mobile customer relationship management. The omnipresence of smart phones and tablets has created new methods, mediums and communication options to reach and connect with potential customers. Mobile marketing is emerging as a new generation digital marketing tool that we can ignore and it should be considered part of the overall SEO and SEM plan.

As iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices are continuing to flourish each day, the value of mobile marketing is obvious.

Mobile marketing is able to reach customers more precisely. It is simple to implement and can geographically target your customers. Some of the mobile marketing techniques are SMS (short message service) supported with GPS, Mapping, QR (Quick Response) Codes and Bluetooth capabilities, apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

Mobile marketing can do miracles for the success of your websites and business, delivering your messages to your target audience precisely and instantly; we have the expertise and experience to make mobile marketing a cutting edge weapon in your digital marketing mix arsenal.

Email Marketing

To reap the best results from an email marketing campaign, it is important to remember not to send emails blindly to irrelevant recipients but send them on a permission-based, opt-in way. Newsletter is another form of email marketing that can keep in constant touch with existing customers and acquire new ones.

Generally, email marketing has a very good ROI, affordable, and precise in targeting. That is why it has proven itself as one of the most effective digital marketing tools to target and engage customers in a fast, massive and cost-effective way.

Email marketing can be a great relationship builder with your customers as well. Relevancy is the key in the success of any email marketing campaign, meaning the relevancy of the list management, the relevancy of the email contents, and the relevancy of landing page design.

Digital Marketing and Online Advertising

Banner advertising as a web promotion means is similar to any traditional ad in newspapers or magazines. It attracts the web visitors to click on it to find out more about your websites or other products and services. Banner advertising is probably one of the most popular forms of online advertising to increase traffic to your website and generate sales leads. It is simple and straight forward. Banner ads tend to appear on web pages that have relevant context to the content of the banner ads, so that it will be a value for visitors to click through rather than a bother and waste of time.

Multimedia elements like the graphics, animations, audio or video can be integrated in a banner ad to attract more attention and generate more interest. You can keep track of the performance of your banner ads by measuring their click through rates and conversion rates.

Online video ads are another type of online advertising that has proven to be an effective way to attract viewers and capture sales leads by demonstrating your websites, products and services. One of the significant values of online video ads is that the viewers can share the video they like with their friends to thus create a viral marketing effect.

Relevant content, professional production, proper optimization and promotion are necessary to make your videos stand out of the pack and be successful. Video ad optimisation includes adding title keywords and content description so that it will be easier for people find the ad by searching. There are a lot of good places on the web to place your online video ads. Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, video sharing platforms like Youtube, Flickr, or even your own website are some of the great examples.

Digital Analytics

Marketing ROI has become a buzz word for a while now. People are caring how their marketing campaigns are performing. Do the advertising results justify the investment? The good news is that with online or digital marketing, it is convenient and easy to collect monitoring data and track the performance of the online campaigns precisely and in real time. Here is where the digital analytics comes in. Some of the popular web analytics tools are Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture Analytics), Piwik Analytics, Optimizely, Adobe Test and Target and Webtrends.

We have the expertise to use the right web analytics tools to monitor user activities, identify opportunities and determine the marketing performance. We also produce analytics reports, either weekly or monthly, which summarize the ad performance data and trends, so that you will have a clear snap shot of what it is going on with your digital marketing campaigns.

Web Design, Re-Design & Development

In todays digitally connected world, every business, every organization and even every individual should have a website one way or another. A well designed website helps people to find information about you and your offerings easily and quickly. Website can be designed for a wide variety of platforms such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

We are professionals in web 2.0 design, re-design and development. We take care of the entire process of web design, content planning, programming and development. We make sure the website usability, accessibility and optimisation are properly fine-tuned to suit your business needs.

To keep update with the current web standards and technologies, your existing website may need to be re-designed to stay tuned with the latest market trends, to reflect the latest evolution of customer needs, and to be more user-friendly.

E-Commerce Web Solutions

Do you want to sell your products or services online? E-Commerce means a customer can purchase a product or service online from your website. E-commerce gives you a cutting edge revenue source. There are a variety of ways to implement e-commerce solutions which should be carefully chosen to meet your specific needs and objectives.

We provide custom e-commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes, completely tailored to your needs. We develop shopping carts, order management systems, online credit card payment systems, content management systems, online CRM, inventory management systems and back-end databases, using the latest web 2.0 technologies, to ensure you can monitor, measure, and manage all online business transactions on your e-commerce website, to help your business stand out from your competitors.


We offer services in Website Conversion Optimization and digital analytics, website test and optimization, digital marketing, remarketing and retargeting, web design & development & conversion services and also online digital marketing services and develop interactive 2D & 3D web animations. Web analytics tools used include Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture Analytics), Piwik Analytics, Optimizely, Adobe Test and Target and Webtrends.